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 Instrument nameFull Name Nominal Value of contract sizeMinimum Order Size in UnitsLong Swaps (in points)Short Swaps (in points)Sunday Open Time GMT+0Trading Hours GMT+0
1ADAUSDCardano vs US Dollar1 ADA100-9.463-9.186-00:00-23:59
2AVEUSDAave vs US Dollar1 AVE0.1-19,321-19,321-00:00-23:59
3BCHBTCBitcoin Cash vs US Bitcoin1 BCH0.1-0.2-0.2-00:00-23:59
4BCHUSDBitcoin Cash vs US Dollar1 BCH0.1-46,312-46,312-00:00-23:59
5BSVUSDBitcoin Cash SV vs US Dollar1 BSV0.1-19,405-19,405-00:00-23:59
6BTCEURBicton vs Euro1 BTC0.01-3.099,891-3.099,891-00:00-23:59
7BTCUSDBitcoin vs US Dollar1 BTC0.01-375.012-375.012-00:00-23:59
8DOTUSDPolka Dot vs US Dollar1 DOT1-13,627-13,627-00:00-23:59
9DSHUSDDash vs US Dollar1 DSH0.1-111,688-111,688-00:00-23:59
10EOSUSDEOS vs US dollar1 EOS10-4,521-4,521-00:00-23:59
11ETHBTCEthereum vs Bitcoin1 ETH0.01-0,48-0,48-00:00-23:59
12ETHUSDEthereum vs US Dollar1 ETH0.01-1.488,21-1.488,21-00:00-23:59
13LNKUSDLink vs US Dollar1 LNK1-23,678-23,678-00:00-23:59
14LTCBTCLitecoin vs Bitcoin1 LTC0.1-0,47-0,47-00:00-23:59
15LTCUSDLitecoin vs US Dollar1 LTC0.1-140,721-140,721-00:00-23:59
16THTUSDTheta vs US Dollar1 THT10-6-6-00:00-23:59
17TRXUSDTron vs US Dollar1 TRX1000-4,127-4,127-00:00-23:59
18UNIUSDUniswap vs US Dollar1 UNI10-15,213-15,213-00:00-23:59
19VETUSDVeChain vs US Dollar1 VET100-8,013-8,013-00:00-23:59
20XEMUSDNamecoin vs US Dollar1 XEM100-1,099-1,099-00:00-23:59
21XLMUSDStellar vs US Dollar1 XLM100-2,342-2,342-00:00-23:59
22XMRUSDMonero vs US Dollar1 XMR1-154-154-00:00-23:59
23XRPEURRipple vs Euro1 XRP100-6,1-6,1-00:00-23:59
24XRPUSDRipple vs US Dollar1 XRP100-7,1-7,1-00:00-23:59
25XTZUSDTezos vs US Dollar1 XTZ10-3,011-3,011-00:00-23:59

Our spreads are dynamic spreads that match the market.